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7 Day Rebuild Time Guaranteed or It’s Free

If we cannot rebuild your hydraulic cylinder or pump within 7 days its free.
This does not include if you need parts machined.

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“My dad had a flat tire on Hwy 35 just south of Ames. Nick was the ONLY person that we called that was willing to help. First trying to think of someone that could help, because it wasn’t a service they normally provide, but then to ask questions and figure out a solution. Well, he had the tools and so went out himself and got my dad on the road! Best customer service!”

Danielle Adams

Ames Hydraulics: Your Premier Destination for High Speed Hydraulic Repairs

Welcome to Ames Hydraulics, where precision meets speed in hydraulic cylinder rebuild. Whether you’re a farmer, construction worker, or work in city maintenance, we understand the critical role that hydraulic systems on your equipment play in your daily operations. A malfunctioning piece of hydraulic equipment can grind your work to a halt, costing you valuable time and money. That’s where we come in!


Our Expertise:

At Ames Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on being more than just a hydraulic shop. We’re a team of passionate hydraulic mechanics dedicated to restoring the power and performance of your hydraulic equipment. Our specialties include:

Hydraulic Cylinders: We rebuild hydraulic cylinders to their original strength and efficiency, ensuring no leaks because we pressure test every cylinder. And here’s the best part – we guarantee a turnaround time of just 7 days from the moment you drop it off or it’s free! The only stipulation we have is if we need to build custom machined parts for your cylinder due to major structural damage it might take longer than 7 days.

Hydraulic Valve Blocks: These are the heart of hydraulic systems, directing the flow of fluid to achieve the desired action. Our team ensures that they function perfectly, channeling fluid seamlessly with no leaks.

Pumps and Drive Motors: Vital for the operation of most hydraulic systems, we ensure that they deliver fluid without leaks and at the correct pressure and volume. We also replace the bearings in the hydraulic drive motors.

Here at Ames Hydraulics we have a broad range of equipment that we service, our expertise isn’t limited to just one type of hydraulic cylinder rebuild equipment. We service a diverse range of heavy equipment. From skid loaders and dump trucks to tractors and garbage trucks, our hydraulic team navigates through the complexities of various pieces of hydraulic equipment with ease and expertise. Our services are not merely limited to hydraulic cylinders. We breathe life back into hydraulic valve blocks, pumps, and drive motors with a finesse that stands testament to our years of experience and in-depth knowledge. Skid Loaders are essential for construction and landscaping, we ensure your skid loader’s hydraulic system is in top shape. Dump trucks rely heavily on their hydraulic systems. A faulty hydraulic system can be costly, but we’re here to ensure that never happens.Tractors are essential to our farming community, we know how important a functioning tractor is. Let us take care of its hydraulic components for you. Garbage trucks, these urban warriors need to be in top form to keep our towns clean. We ensure their hydraulic systems never miss a beat.


Why Choose Ames Hydraulics for hydraulic cylinder rebuild?

Quality: At Ames, quality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a promise. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to restore your equipment to its prime.

Speed: We understand that time is money. That’s why we’re committed to quick turnarounds for hydraulic cylinder rebuild, ensuring your machinery is back in action in no time.

Fair Pricing: Quality service doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Our prices are competitive. We offer top-notch service without the top-tier price tag. For hydraulic cylinder rebuild we offer a lowest price guarantee, just bring in a quote and we’ll match it, apples to apples.

Navigating through the complex world of hydraulic equipment repair can be daunting, but here at Ames Hydraulics, we pave a smooth road for you. Our dedication to speed, precision, quality, and great service is unwavering, ensuring that your machinery is not just repaired but rejuvenated to its peak performance. Hydraulics is more than just a business for us; it’s a passion. When you entrust your hydraulic equipment to Ames Hydraulics, you’re not just getting a hydraulic cylinder rebuild service; you’re partnering with a team that cares deeply about the performance and longevity of your heavy or light machinery. So, the next time your hydraulic equipment starts showing signs of wear and tear, remember that Ames Hydraulics is just a call away. Experience the perfect blend of quality, speed, and affordability. Let us be your trusted partner in keeping your hydraulic systems running smoothly, give us a call today at 515-292-2599. You, our esteemed clients, are not just customers but integral members of the Ames Hydraulics family. Your trust in us propels our commitment to deliver high speed hydraulic services that exceed expectations. Your feedback is not just welcomed but diligently sought, ensuring that our services are continually refined, mirroring your needs and expectations with precision. Here at Ames Hydraulics we also offer a pick up and delivery service of hydraulic cylinders, hoses, pumps, motors and other pieces of hydraulic equipment. We receive cylinders from all of the states, rebuild them and ship them back to you. So even if we are far from you we can still rebuild your cylinder faster than the guy that’s just a mile away from you, and by pressure testing we can ensure that it is rebuilt correctly. If you need any custom parts made for your hydraulic cylinder all you need to do is drop it off, ship it or let us swing by and pick up your piece of hydraulic equipment and we can build it and make sure it works. We stock the rod so we can make the replacement rod faster for your hydraulic cylinders. If you are looking for a hydraulic shop that is actually going to prioritize your repairs, a shop that answers the phone when you call, even when nothing is going right, a shop that just understands, nobody wants to have their hydraulic equipment repaired. It is just a part of owning hydraulic equipment, we get that, and we know that the only thing more expensive than buying the equipment, is continuing to pay for the equipment when it is broken and not doing anything to make money back. So give us a call, even if you’re out of state, we swear, speed is our number one priority.