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Ames Hydraulics has been a staple of Ames Iowa for nearly a decade. Ames Hydraulics is locally owned and operated, we have a commitment to providing more value to our customers than any other hydraulic shop. Our primary method of adding value to our customers is through high speed hydraulic repair. Ames Hydraulics has a 7 day rebuild time guaranteed or its free! We also have a lowest price guarantee, if you think we are overpriced, just give us a quote for the same service from another hydraulic shop and we will beat it every time, apples to apples. Here at Ames Hydraulics we have a commitment to being the absolute best hydraulic shop in the world, we have set the bar for our customer service, our execution of hydraulic cylinder rebuilding and other hydraulic repairs higher, we will continue to push to excellence day by day. Ames Hydraulics is owned and operated by Josiah Ragsdale, Ames Hydraulics is the same business as Automotive Lift Services, both the highest rated and most reviewed hydraulic shops in Iowa. Our Automotive Lift Services team is focused primarily on mobile hydraulic repairs, our Ames Hydraulics team is primarily focused on in house hydraulic cylinder rebuild services such as replacement hydraulic hose, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valve blocks, hydraulic hoses, hydraulics drive motors, heavy equipment repair, hose replacement on equipment, hydraulic swing motor replacement and repair and much more! Every hydraulic cylinder we repair we pressure test, this ensures that repairs are done correctly in addition to our high speeds. Ames Hydraulics is the embodiment of hydraulic excellence nestled in the heart of Ames, Iowa. Over the past decade, our locally-owned establishment has risen to be a beacon of reliability, fostering an unmatched commitment to superior service, unparalleled quality, and unbeatable value. But what truly sets us apart in the vast realm of hydraulic services? Let’s dive deeper into our story. Ames Hydraulics doesn’t stand alone. It shares its legacy with Automotive Lift Services, together making them the most revered names in Iowa’s hydraulic cylinder rebuild domain. While Automotive Lift Services champions mobile hydraulic repairs, Ames Hydraulics is the sanctuary for in-house hydraulic services. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive solution, catering to a vast spectrum of hydraulic needs for mobile and in house hydraulic services.


A Promise of Speed and Precision

While most hydraulic shops might tout their quality or expertise, Ames Hydraulics has chosen a different path. We’ve realized that in the world of hydraulic cylinder rebuild machinery, time is an invaluable asset. That’s why our signature offering is high-speed hydraulic cylinder repair. We’re not just fast – we’re the fastest, with a bold promise: a 7-day rebuild time, and if we miss that, it’s on us. Yes, the service is free! This zeal for speed does not compromise our commitment to quality. Every hydraulic cylinder undergoes rigorous pressure testing, ensuring not just swiftness but precision in our repairs.


Competitive Prices Guaranteed:

In a world teeming with choices, we ensure that cost is never a deterrent for our clients. Our lowest price guarantee stands as a testament to this commitment. Find a better price elsewhere? Present us with a quote, and we won’t just match it – we’ll beat it, ensuring you receive the best value for your money. Give us a call for your next hydraulic cylinder rebuild needs!


Setting Standards, One Service at a Time

Our vision is audacious – to be the best hydraulic shop in the world! Every day, with every hydraulic service, we inch closer and closer to this vision. Be it the intricate process of hydraulic cylinder rebuilding, valve block restoration, hydraulic drive motor rebuilding or the more extensive equipment repairs hydraulic cylinder rebuild. We set the bar high, pushing boundaries and redefining standards. Our quest for excellence isn’t a journey; it’s an ethos embedded in our DNA.

More Than Just Repairs

Our service catalog is vast, echoing our expertise and commitment:

Hydraulic Hose Replacement: We don’t just replace; we check to make sure that we use the correct hydraulic fittings by threading on our template fittings on your hose when it comes in the door and again on the new hose that we make, just to make sure we get the correct fitting on. We also carry a large inventory of hydraulic cylinder rebuild fittings and hoses so that we are more likely to have the ability to replace your hose on the spot with the correct psi rating on the hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic Drive Motors: These powerhouses are given a new lease on life, ensuring they don’t hold your operations back in any shape or form. Here at Ames Hydraulics we also pressure test and run hydraulic drive motors every time after we rebuild them to ensure they work properly and without leaking.

Combine 4 Wheel Drive Motor Reman: The agricultural realm’s giants are treated with care, ensuring they tread fields without getting stuck and without leaking costly hydraulic oil all over your field.

Mobile Services: Our commitment is beyond our shop’s boundaries, reaching you wherever you are, ensuring minimal operational disruption.

Emergency After-Hours Repairs: Because emergencies don’t adhere to the 9-5 clock.

Ames Hydraulics is more than just a service center; it’s a legacy, a commitment, and a promise. A promise to deliver excellence, to forge relationships, and to ensure that every hydraulic system we touch shows our dedication to becoming the greatest hydraulic shop in the world. Our narrative is woven with threads of trust, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to our clients. As you navigate our services and offerings, know that behind every service is a team of hydraulic mechanics with a can-do attitude that places you first, always. So give Ames Hydraulics a call today and try us out! Experience not just a service, but a partnership. A partnership anchored in trust, excellence, and an unmatched zeal to set high standards. Welcome to our world, where every hydraulic challenge is met with expertise and a can-do attitude, every query with a smile, and every service with a promise of unparalleled excellence. Call us or stop by today!