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Industrial Hydraulic Components


Power Units


Hydraulic Repair Near Me offers an extensive selection of standard, pre-designed hydraulic power units, readily available in their catalog. Our offerings encompass a range from compact 20-liter vertical units to robust 625-liter overhead platform units. For customers with unique requirements, Hydraulic Repair also specializes in crafting custom power units tailored to specific specifications, complete with accessories to suit various applications. This one-stop shopping solution ensures quality and convenience for all your hydraulic power needs. Additionally, Hydraulic Repair power units come with comprehensive engineering support, including control documentation for seamless shop floor integration. Most of our cataloged power units can be delivered within five working days.


Hydraulic Repair Near Me stands as a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders designed for industrial equipment applications. Our cylinders consistently deliver high-performance results, even after millions of trouble-free cycles. Over time, Hydraulic Repair cylinders have proven to be the most dependable and cost-effective choice among industrial cylinders available today.

Hydraulic Valves and Controls

We produce a wide array of hydraulic control valves to suit virtually any industrial equipment application, ranging from simple on/off functions to precision motion control. Our offerings encompass control valves, bankable control valves, motion controllers, pressure control valves, servo valves, and manifold-mounted directional and proportional valves.

Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

Hydraulic Repair Near Me leads the industry in designing and manufacturing integrated hydraulic circuits. We offer solutions for complex circuits by selecting threaded cartridge valves from our extensive product range and integrating them into a single manifold. Our process utilizes cutting-edge 3D-CAD/CAM software, state-of-the-art machining centers, and thorough automated testing to maximize application performance.

Rotary Actuators

Hydraulic Repair Near Me is an industry pioneer in designing and producing hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators, delivering torque outputs up to 68,000 Nm. In addition to our standard rotary actuators, we collaborate with customers to create tailored designs to meet specific application needs. Rotary actuators provide constant high torque for a variety of actions, including upending, turning, rolling over, tilting, indexing, transferring, mixing, valve operation, tensioning, and clamping. These actuators find applications in machine tools, packaging, marine, primary metals, rubber and plastics machinery, and material handling.


Hydraulic Repair Near Me offers the most comprehensive range of hydraulic accumulators and related products in the industry. Our offerings include piston, bladder, and diaphragm type accumulators, along with gas bottles and other accessories. These reliable components enhance hydraulic system efficiency by maintaining pressure, supplementing pump flow, and absorbing system shocks. Their sturdy construction ensures efficient and reliable service over many years.


Hydraulic Repair Near Me filtration products are engineered to maximize the reliability of your hydraulic systems and components by providing effective protection against fluid contaminants. Our extensive line of pressure and return line filters extends machine life, reduces maintenance, and lowers operational costs. We offer high, medium, and low-pressure filters, as well as portable filter carts, ParFit replacement elements, and fluid analysis instruments.

Fluid Connectors

Hydraulic Repair Near Me offers a comprehensive range of fluid connector products and services for hydraulics, pneumatics, and fluid systems. Our product range spans high-quality fittings, valves, and quick couplings to pressure hoses available in various core-tube materials, reinforcement designs, and outer covers. With a global distribution network and strategically located service centers, you can count on getting the products you need when and where you need them.


In our daily interactions with cars, vans, and other vehicles, we regularly encounter hydraulic technology, which plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and functionality. Two specific areas heavily rely on hydraulic systems to function effectively and securely.


American engineer Malcolm Loughead patented hydraulic brakes in 1917. These brake systems made their debut in racing cars in 1914 and later found their way into passenger cars in 1921. A hydraulic brake system operates by using pressure and brake fluid to bring a vehicle to a stop. When the brake pedal is pressed, a rod applies pressure to pistons within a cylinder. This pressure causes brake fluid to flow into a chamber, through calipers, and onto caliper pistons. These caliper pistons, in turn, exert force on brake pads, which press against the brake disc to slow down the vehicle.


Power steering, a standard feature in modern vehicles, also relies on hydraulic force for operation. The hydraulic power is supplied by a rotary vane pump driven by the car’s engine. Working in tandem with the pump and a hydraulic cylinder, the steering wheel operates valves that control the flow of hydraulic fluid. As the driver turns the wheel, more fluid is allowed through the cylinder, resulting in greater force applied to steer the wheels.


Hydraulics not only impact our driving experience but also play a role in refueling vehicles. The entire pump operation at a petrol station combines hydraulics and electronics to deliver petrol to the car’s fuel tank.


When your vehicle requires maintenance or repair, you likely take it to a local garage. Hydraulic systems are indispensable for mechanics to effectively perform their tasks. Without hydraulic systems, lifting and repairing vehicles would be exceedingly difficult. Various hydraulic lifting equipment, ranging from small jacks to larger machines, is used to adjust the height of a vehicle, providing access to the engineer. This technology is ubiquitous in automotive repair shops.


While unexpected, hydraulic technology is more prevalent in our homes than one might think, especially in the kitchen. Basic hydraulic technology is found in the form of hydraulic hinges for cupboards and drawers. These hinges use hydraulic pressure to gently close doors and drawers. When the door is opened, a plunger removes air from the vacuum, and when released, it pulls the plunger back.

Some higher-end dishwashers also employ hydraulics to enhance performance. Often used in commercial kitchens, hydraulic dishwashers increase water pressure in the system, resulting in more effective cleaning. These systems are typically quieter than traditional dishwashers.