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O-Rings, due to their exceptional ability to effectively contain liquids and gasses, are frequently encountered in mechanical components and processes, particularly in environments characterized by extreme temperatures or pressures. Some common applications include engines, boilers, refrigerators, and compressors. However, O-rings also make appearances in some unexpected places, such as:

  • Scuba Gear: O-rings in scuba gear are critical components of the breathing apparatus. Before each dive, divers inspect the O-ring in the neck of their air tank to ensure it forms a secure seal, guaranteeing the delivery of air to their regulators rather than seawater.
  • Dental Implants: In the realm of dental implants, it is imperative to prevent the infiltration of liquids to avoid patient discomfort or infection. Biomedical silicone O-rings are used for this purpose, creating a perfect seal and safeguarding the integrity of the new tooth.
  • Paintballing: Paintball guns rely on compressed air to propel paint projectiles at opponents. O-rings are employed throughout these guns to maintain the seal and ensure a powerful shot.
  • Beer Enjoyment: When you savor a pint at your favorite pub, O-rings contribute to your drinking pleasure and relaxation. Without O-rings, it would be impossible to transport the beer from the cask to the tap or carbonate it for that delightful effervescence.

The next time you find yourself at the pub, you can regale your friends with stories about the versatile uses of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me O-rings and the unexpected places where these essential seals come into play. For expert guidance on O-ring applications and materials, consult Allegheny York’s team of specialists regarding our product range.


An O-Ring is a self-energizing circular elastic seal employed in both static and dynamic applications. Its primary purpose is to create seals between surfaces, such as pipes, tubes, and within hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me O-Rings are fabricated from various materials tailored to their intended use and typically exhibit high flexibility. When situated between two surfaces, they effectively prevent the leakage of liquids or gasses. The selection of the appropriate material is crucial to ensure their effective performance.

The suitability of material is determined by factors including chemical compatibility, temperature resistance, and other application-specific considerations. O-Rings are manufactured from a variety of elastomers, with common types including Nitrile (Buna-N)(NBR), Neoprene, EPDM, Fluorocarbon (Viton), and Silicone. For high-temperature applications, materials like Silicone, PTFE, and Fluorocarbon are utilized. Silicone is primarily recommended for static applications. O-Rings can serve as static seals, remaining stationary to contain pressure or seal a vacuum, or dynamic seals, which can reciprocate or rotate relative to the surface they are sealing.

At Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me, we have simplified the process of acquiring O-rings and hydraulic seals. These components are integral to a wide range of applications but can often be challenging to procure. By collaborating with reputable manufacturers and maintaining an extensive online inventory of high-performance seals spanning thousands of sizes, we have increased our stock availability, reduced lead times, and lowered costs. Whether your requirements involve small or large diameters, low or high-pressure systems, reciprocating or rotary motion, or dynamic or static sealing, we offer suitable products to meet your needs.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kits

The O-ring Store serves as a distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits, and cylinders tailored for both mobile and industrial applications. Our seal products cater to a diverse array of industries, including dump and refuse trucks, construction equipment, material handling, industrial plant applications, farming, and logging equipment. We maintain an inventory of replacement seals, seal kits, and hydraulic cylinders for well-known brands. Please note that part numbers are referenced for identification purposes only, and we do not suggest that these kits are original replacement components.

Universal Rod or Piston U-Cups

Universal Rod or Piston U-Cups, also known as U-Rings, are favored for their ability to operate within confined gland spaces. These Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me seals are typically specified for low-speed, low-pressure conditions in both pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me hydraulic cylinders. Their symmetrical design achieves sealing through the flexible lips that come into contact with the rod or cylinder wall. Clearance is provided at the heel of the seal to minimize friction. Seal effectiveness is enhanced as internal pressure pushes against the inner surface of the lips. Various U-Cup configurations are available to address the demands of specific applications. The O-Ring Store LLC offers a diverse range of U-Cup designs and manufactures them from a wide array of materials. Whether you need loaded U-Cups, non-loaded U-Cups, or hydraulic and pneumatic U-Cups, we simplify the process of acquiring U-Cups to meet your requirements.

Our comprehensive online inventory boasts a wide variety of high-performance seals available in thousands of sizes. Whether your application calls for small or large diameters, low or high-pressure conditions, reciprocating or rotary motion, or dynamic or static sealing, you can find a suitable product to meet your specific needs with ease.


Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Near Me Hydraulic seals can be crafted from various materials, including polyurethane, rubber, or PTFE. The selection of the material hinges on specific operational factors or constraints related to the type of fluid, pressure levels, chemical compatibility with the fluid, and temperature conditions.


A static hydraulic seal is positioned within a groove and remains stationary, serving solely to create a seal within its confined space, akin to a gasket. To achieve this, the gasket must be subjected to pressure, which is exerted through the tightening of bolts.


One category of dynamic hydraulic seal, known as a rod seal, is subject to movement along its inner diameter, typically along the shaft or rod of a hydraulic cylinder. 

Remember to always exercise caution when working with hydraulic cylinders! Numerous work-place injuries have resulted from those who delve into hydraulics in an uneducated, unprepared manner. Please do not hesitate to contact a trained hydraulic professional to answer any of your questions and seek guidance.  Remember, we all want to go home at the end of the day, so exercise caution! Have fun!